Curse of Strahd

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 9
We have lit the beacon

It is with joy that I Lord Alfred announce that again good has some triumph over evil.

The remaining tomb was searched, finding the lich’s phylactery, but was decided that it was not worth destroying it as the lich continues to be in a state of confusion. Outside the entrance to the Amber temple Lord Stroud stopped by on a winged nightmere with three other vampires in tow. He threw a head onto the ground in front of the group. Ezmerelda d’Avenir has reacted badly as it was the head of Van Richten, her adopted father. He had snuck into the castle and attacked Stroud, to his doom.

This was a test of bravery as the odds were never in our favour. The temptation of dying ungloriously in the mountains was passed up. Everyone was civil, but blunt towards the undead fiend. He then flew off with the other vampires in tow.

Travelling though Tsolenka pass across the bridge between the towers a huge Rock flew in. Unfortunately, it carried away Ezmerelda who had escaped the claws and was hanging on desperately to it’s claws. My scorching blast barely hurt the creature as it flew off. Calling that we would meet later we headed towards the sunken village of Berez.

A revenant was met on the way and destroyed by a firebolt from Fitz. Balthazar had frozen with terror, but had recovered with my Lesser Restoration. At the village the Huge skull of the dragon was recovered and placed on a Tensors Floating Disk. Whereby dragged by Fitz is was taken to the Mausoleum in the tower of Argyvostholt. Fitting the skull into the doorframe was no small feat. However, the resulting beacon did improve the soul and make won’s thoughts just a little brighter.

Upstairs in the Revenant chamber the beast was finally laid to rest with a magical great sword and half plate armour that were claimed by the warriors. Fitz recieved a message from Ezmerelda and it was decided to meet her at the Vineyard. After resting several days she returned andI had finally read the Tome of Understanding to gather more mysteries.

A plan was hatched to finally raid the Castle Ravenloft on the rocky spire above the town. The draw bridge was up, but Fitz transformed into a wraith like creature and flew over opening the gate for the Heroes and a swarm of peasants to flow in.

At the side, Olaf opened a gate and doors were broken in leading inside the castle, upstairs to a chamber where a secret door was hidden behind a mirror and a huge spiral staircase led up to the heart of the tower. Fitz claimed that this was mentioned in the notes of Stroud’s tome, but as we climbed the whole tower began to shake.

Cohen sprinted off up the stairs and Ezmerelda has fallen off. Fitz, Toliver and Ezmerelda have blasted the pulsing red crystal at the top. I can hear the sounds of battle rage up ahead, but the tower is shaking so much caution is important…

Day ends…

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 8
Boom Puff go the undead

It is with great honour and privilege that I Lord Alfred write into my journal with joyful abandon about the demise of the foul and evil undead that inhabit this tomb.

A passageway led my companions and myself into a large chamber where dirt boxes were indeed stacked about the room. I had preciously encountered such beasts in the village of Valaki and expected what came next. 6 vampires burst out of the boxes but were met by my stedfast companions.

I revealed the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind to produce a large area of sunlight. The beasts were almost helpless in the power of the sun. Likewise as they attempted to get closer to the bearer of the symbol my Sanctuary spell deflected any beasts attacking me. As the undead beasts began to smoke in the presence of the sunlight my companions laid forth hacking at the beasts. My Hand of Radiance destroyed two of the beasts. Stakes made from the boxes where they burst from destroyed the beasts permanently.

Dark gifts from the sarcophagus were offered, but no one wished be become a vampire or Lich.

An upstairs library was discovered, but before Fitz could go crazy the confused lich wondered in. Thanks to fast talking it even agreed to share some it’s spells with Fitz. We left the beast standing slightly confused in the middle of the library.

Further rooms were investigated finding nothing of interest, except a villainous looking individual call Villainous was discovered in a lecture room. Subsequently an Amber Stone Golem was destroyed in quick time as it could not stop the vast damage it was taking from the number of fighters who had quickly surrounded it. I have applied more bandages to Balthazar.

Behind the Golem’s room a stair case led to the chambers where Ghasts attacked out of the small room. Olaf bravely strode in to absorb the attacks before the rest of Galant Heroes strode in to destroy the beasts with Axe and Sword. My Radiance Blast injured the beasts. Thanks to the find smelling Paladin the stink of the undead ghasts failed to affect anyone.

Amanauntor be praised we were victorious again.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 7

Oh why oh why did he not listen to me. It must have been a flaw in his very nature. It is with very great sadness that I must write of the passing into legend that of Deacon St. Ives.

Charming, Curious, Cheeky and honestly a C#%t.

I write this missive after the flaming skull spirits were destroyed and a we have taken a short rest next to the barbarians who seem genuinely pleasant in a peasant kind of way. Maybe a bit rough round the edges, but better than the cursed undead that inhabit this place.

We did investigate more of the side passages where my keen observation noted some secret doors, where we discovered the architects room with a model of probably lords Stroud’s castle. Inside the chest Deacon discovered a false bottom and a Tome. This appeared to be a Tome of Understanding. I was given the honour of looking after this treasure.

The next room contained a table with an illusionary feast on it. Fitz and Toliver confirmed that is was indeed an illusion. As Fitz investigated what the illusion hid, 12 spectres floated out of the walls to attack. Before I could react the cold hands of death brushed passed me. Without thought I raised my symbol and with a power unseen in the realm banished 10 of the undead fends back to whence they came. The remained two were destroyed by Olaf and Balthazar.

Crossing behind this room was a very unstable balcony. Fitz, Deacon & Toliver crossed where as the armoured Balthazar, Olaf and myself walked round the outside and climbed up a rope after a bit crumbled due to the weight of Olaf. The room behind had a fascinating statue with two dead souls who had obviously died looking at it. Olaf and Ezmerelda d’Avenir had to be pulled away from it.

The next room had a chest suspended from the ceiling with a writing in Celestrial that I of course read, that greed would be punished etc etc. Deacon’s eyes lit up and his fate was set. As the wise left to go to the next room a confused lich stood in the middle. Eyes glowing but not attacking, looking confused and generally repeating his questions about who we were and who he was. To my medical knowledge know that a Greater Restoration would have cured him, but why. A confused lich is not a danager to those who know to ignore the creature posing as nothing but harmless. During this scary but pointless conversation that Deacon’s fate was met.

Toliver reported watching Deacon climb up to the chest, Fell off, then using an invisible force pick the lock releasing the trap door he was standing on to open causing him to fall to a room below.

Toliver Misty Step ped into the room, Olaf, Balthazar and myself fell. Inside I found Deacon dead, his skull crushed by a fall or the rocks flying about the room. As Olaf carrying the corpse of Deacon attempted to leave he felt the touch of the undead, the invisible Poltergeists. One attempted to touch me causing me to again produce my Holy symbol to destroy 3 of the beasts. We left the room, looking back I could swear I saw a shimmering body sitting in the middle of the floor.

Fitz and Ezmerelda d’Avenir joined just to the next room’s doors that were locked. Remembering the words from the Tome of Stroud, The very first opened to the door to see piles of treasure and a statue made from amber. It’s eyes glowed and the thrill of battle began again. Olaf rushed up moving swiftly, hitting it twice. Fitz firebolted it. Balthazar made his sword magical and stormed in. Toliver blasted it with Eldricht blast not before cursing it. I outlined the beast in Faerie Fire, while glancing at the treasure nearby. The monster struck Olaf mightily twice before all the comrades joint in. My Sacred Flame seared the beast. Olaf deflected both attacks from it aimed at Balthazar. But it was destroyed by the massed attacks of the combat experts and arcane blasting from Toliver. Behind was the largest treasure we have yet encountered in the realm. Mundane to be sure, but still treasure.

It is our thought to share some of the EP with the barbarians before investigating the passage behind.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 6
Flying skulls and Demon things

Dear Dairy,

I have have remiss not writing to you as I have been too busy of late. It has been as touch chaotic since I last penned my last missive.

After the Tome of Stroud has been deciphered by Fitz with the help of Deacon, many of that evil Vampires secrets have been discovered. Including recovering a skull of the architect of the Bavorian castle. The heroes have embarked on a dangerous journey to retrieve the skull from the Amber Temple, beyond the Tsolenka Pass.

Crossing the pass the heroes were particularly watchful for the massive Rock that was supposed to inhabit the region. However, a giant goat was encountered on the pass. this massive beast had red evil eyes and prepared to spring to attack a party member, obviously intending to ram them off the mountain. Amazingly, Deacon St. Ives told a joke that caused the creature to stop and fall over from laughter. Olaf sprinted up the mountain like a Thar in heat, reaching the beast before a Sacred Flame from myself and Firebolts from Fitz and Ezmerelda d’Avenir slew the beast. I guess the goat with a name of Sangzor was not a GOAT but merely a Goat. Toliver Quartzvein and Ezmerelda d’Avenir are carrying the carcass between them into the Amber temple.

Upon entering the Dark temple I have cast Light on Every member of the party to ensure that Amunantor is with us. Up the stairs into the lair a balcony shows a massive chamber with stairs leading into the darkness. Out of the blackness bolts of Chain Lightning strike everyone except me. Amunantor be praised by I was unharmed. Olaf hiding behind his shield was also unharmed. The Heroes fled into the open doors to the right.

Inside this structure a well in the centre. As Deacon St. Ives staired into the well three glowing floating skulls began to fly up. Fitz had an amazing knowledge of such beasts saying that they are very magical. As the skulls emerged from the top of the well Balthazar Rockefort, OLAF & Myself positioned ourselves to strike at the creatures. The skulls released fireball s from their mouths hitting, everyone except Fitz who was hiding in the corner rocking back and forth in terror.

I released a blast of the Radiance of the Dawn injuring the resistant creatures, where as Balthazar, Ezmerelda and Olf managed to chop them to bits. Fitz revealed that they needed to be destroyed with holy water, remove curse or dispel magic or the creatures who reform. Deacon using his mage hand lowered my only three vials of holy water down the well to sprinkle on the skulls making them inert.

A discussion was held with everyone climbing down the well rather than run back into the room with the powerful spell caster. At the bottom of the well a amber crypt with dark glowing crystals. Balthazar was almost sick with evil smell radiating off them. Deacon with the wisdom of a demented weasel touched one only to have his eyes glow sickly yellow and have a selfish smirk to his face. Fitz opened the door out with his memory of the passwords of the temple.

Outside a long room with more magically locked (arcane lock) and the passage back to the main chamber. Foolishly not expecting anything, the party rounded the corridor to be blasted by three *fireball*s from more floating skulls across the chamber firing through arrow slits. Fitz who had given warning beforehand had sprinted off. Out of the blackness of the massive statue in the centre of the chamber of a cowled figure a green bolt of finger of death struck me. Death began summoning me home…

I awake to find myself lying prone under the ministrations of the holy hand of Balthazar. Realizing the plight of my companions I sat up and barely managed to crawl to the corner to whisper a healing word to Deacon who had succumbed to multiple fireball s and was lying twitching and dying on the ground. Seeing the danger not only of flaming skulls, but the hooded statue Olaf, Toliver & Balthazar sprinted behind the statue. Fitz and Ezermerelda both attempted to lightning bolt the hood of the cowl, but Ezmerelda’s spell was counterspell ed from within the depths of the hood by the fearsomely powerful spell caster. My attempt to emerge from the safety of the side chamber and cast daylight was likewise counterspell ed by the caster.

From my vantage point I ran to the safety of the pillar towards the side and hidden from the magic missiles cast from the Flameskulls still lurking. Appearing from invisibility a devil could be seen casting a fireball into the hood of the statue as the fighter types had indeed found a way into the statue from a secret door at the back. Lightning bolts, Magic missiles rained down upon the devil. I summoned a Spiritual Hammer that obviously distracted the devil for Toll of the Dead of epic proportions. Olaf again surprising the beast had sprinted up and with his long reach and then following up as it blasted him with a firebolt.

Meanwhile I had sprinted up to take cover from the Flame skulls, under the stairs. Deacon had emerged and used his shield spell to deflect more magic missiles from the skulls.

As my spiritual weapon eventually was controlled to move across and float through the arrow slit to attack the skulls, forcing them back into the room, Deacon and Olaf had opened the side door and had a conversation with a group of “Nature men” who were impressed with the slaying of the Goat Sangzor. The barred door was opened to the skulls who were rushed and destroyed, quickly as most of their magic was spent. I used my remove curse spell to permanently destroy the skulls.

Time for a rest. I hurt, the finger of death spell took much from me.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 5

It is with greatest pride that I pen this missive in a tower at the top of Tsolenka Pass.

My brave companions and I have indeed displayed acts of courage and heroism in the defense of all that is good and right.

The witch of Berez has been slain, revealing the Symbol of Ravenkind and the Tome of Stroud has been discovered in this very tower. I will now note the valiant deeds performed to find such treasures.

More Revenants were discovered shuffling toward us. The priest from Vallaki, father Lucian who with Ezmerelda had joined the heroes joined the fight. Unfortunately, the priest slew the last revenant binding him to the group as the Revenants now seem to hunt the last to slay them, re animating corpses every day or so.

The village of Berez lied in a sunken valley where the rotten houses were returning to the swamp. A goat pen held some goats that hid some scarecrows that burst to attempt to frighten and destroy the companions. These were easily dispatched. The Mansion on top of the hill and true gothic made of rotten timbers and crumbling stone. A ghost manifested revealing that it had slain his own daughter rather than give it to the monster Stroud. An agreement to help it if we could. It revealed that what we sought was to the west.

Through the sticky swap a hut was discovered with Ravens in cages outside. The door was opened to reveal a small room with a child and cot in the middle of the room somehow not looking quite right. A woman was chained to the ceiling. Not the roof I tell you, because that would be outside. Balthazar and Deacon set about freeing the woman. Once she was free the entire hut came alive. Balthazar Rockefort and Fitz the Grand were cast outside with the woman rescued from the ceiling, Father Lucian and Ezmerelda who were waiting outside.

The entire hut came alive and began to stamp on anyone below. Knocking out Balthazar and Injuring everyone outside. Inside a frantic investigation led to the rotten floor boards a green pearl. I Lord Alfred smashed the boards, but as attempts to gain the pearl continued the constant movement of the hut caused the boards to slam shut on fingers and arms. Myself, Deacon, Olaf and Toliver spent many attempts to gain the pearl. Olaf even attempted to block the boards with his shield. Eventually, with everyones fingers and arms bruised by the constant bashing floor boards Deacon acquired the pearl causing the hut to de animate. Heroic indeed.

Outside, to my horror the might legs of the hut had done incredible damage. But surprisingly the woman who was rescued heal them. My Mass Healing word cured more. Fitz freed the ravens. As a flying skull appeared. Baba Lysaga had arrived in a huge flying skull. Casting a cloud kill. Ezmerelda repeatedly lightning bolted her. Olaf with the dwarf’s constitution ignored the cloud and hit Baba Lysaga a well. The cloud kill vanished allowing others to escape unharmed. The swarm of ravens that had been freed kept attacking the hag.

My Radiance of the Dawn injured the hag where she fled from the closing anger of Bathazar. Not until Toliver Quartzvein stepped out of the hut was the hag destroyed with a twin blast of Eldritch Blast. Inside the chest was found the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. It is my honour that the group has seen the light and bestowed upon me the honour of carrying the item. Deacon, Fitz and Toliver complained about some small hands that had emerged from the chest while the others bravely fought a mighty spell caster outside. It is odd that they took so long to emerge.

Following the success of finding the Symbol, the group stopped at Krezk raising the woman slain by Stroud, as part of our agreement, returning the wedding dress to the Abbot. A rest was held after Deacon and Balthazar revealed that they had been cursed after stealing from the Night Mother. With my power I was able to remove the curse allowing Deacon and Balthazar to finally have a proper rest.

Lucian stayed in Krezk as the group continued up the snowy pass towards Tsolenka Pass.

The snowy pass was guarded by a Guardhouse and gate with a green wall of fire beyond. Fitz managed to temporarily dispel the Green wall of fire where i could bandage the grievous wounds of Deacon who had foolishly stepped through, proving that they were not any illusion, but a permanent wall of fire.

Following the guidance of the Tarot cards the tower was searched from bottom up. Fitz removed the bar on the door with Knock. Deacon arriving at the top shouted that the snow came alive. Deacon rushed down the ladder as Olaf, Toliver, Balthazar and Myself rushed up. 6 Snow Spectres greeted us. A blast from my Radiance of the Dawn damaged all the beasts and then in a flash Balthazar slew 3, Olaf slew 2 and the remained destroyed itself on Toliver as it made the mistake of hitting him, exploding into oblivion as a Hellish Rebuke destroyed it.

After a short rest in the tower as a temporary investigation discovered the Tome of Stroud, Fitz failed to dispel the wall of fire. Deacon climbed the wall to discover that the two statues on top were infact Vrock demons. Vrock demons are resistant to magic and my Banishment spell failed. As they demons attacked they screeched stunning me, with the horrible noise. After shaking my head clear the demons were now being attacked by Ezmerelda, Olaf and Balthazar. Summoning the power of Amauntor, flying balls of light in Spirit guardians attack constantly nipping at the highly resistant demons. My Radiance of the dawn likewise wounded them. The demons were destroyed by sword and axe work. Bandages have been again applied to my comrades.

Note ends and my quill is running out in this cold weather.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 4
Vampires everywhere

What a glorious day in the light. Amauntor has definitely blessed everyone.

After returning to the town, fighting some frightening large wolves in the wilderness. A wagon was searched revealing a large armour plated sabre toothed tiger. I the lord negotiated a audience with the baron’s wife who promised the wedding dress that we have seen in our dreams in return for assisting her brother, the priest in the local church. As a hero of epic proportions I could never reject a woman in need so I agreed on principle on behalf on the group.

The priest’s problem was simple, someone had stolen the saint’s bones buried under the church. Agreeing to help them the orphanage was searched revealing a possessed child that turned into a demon and a ghoul. Both were dispatched quickly. A child was saved from possession. The bones had been taken and given to a man in a alley way with a wagon. At the alleyway a woman known as “the watcher” saw the wagon and identified it as belonging to the undertaker.

Felix cast knock on the door removing the bar allowing everyone to enter. The undertaker claimed that there were some vampires upstairs who had the bones with them. Daylight was cast on Olaf, as everyone went upstairs to see a large room full of wooden boxes and plenty of wood. Out of the boxes burst 6 vampires who scuttled along walls and lept over boxes to attack Balthazar Rockefort by Surprise. As they swarmed him two remaining attacked the flanks.

Olaf defended as much as possible with the shield. As Alfred’s defensive flashes also attempted to defend. Flex cast repeated Lightning bolts as the continued Radiant flashes from Alfred help to wear down the Vampires. Alfred also cast healing word on Balthazar who had dropped unconscious. A mass healing word was also used to revive him again and help heal the grievous wounds Olaf had taken. A guiding Bolt was also used to hit a vampire. The beasts were eventually destroyed thanks to the magical weapons and spells. Closer evaluation revealed the vampires to the vampire spawn and quite dead.

A search of the nearby rooms revealed a box that could hold the bones however, it was trapped with magic and exploded injuring everyone. It was decided to return the bones to the church as soon as possible. Many bandages were applied from Lord Alfred’s healing kit.

Upon arrival a woman with a long claw held the priest hostage claiming to kill him unless the bones were handed over. The offer was rejected with this undead vampire beast. Spirit Guardians erupted causing the beast to retreat. Thankfully the previously unlucky Olaf smashed the vampire with such force that the blows from his axe caused great rents in its side. At the same time Alfred was maneuvered closer to injure the beast with the spirit guardians. Flex firebolted it as it somehow saved vs being mocked. Blasts from the flank from the Warlock further wounded it. It retreated to the corner of the church where Balthazar and Olaf hacked it. It was hit by another guiding bolt, blasted by the Toliver, mocked by Deacon and eventually turned into a gaseous form as Balthazar smashed it again.

The undead mist slunk off before anyone could do anything.

A rest was taken and Balthazar and Alfred have agreed to have Tea with the Baroness. A plan to have the priest raised by the other mad churchman, as soon a possible has been spoken of. Flex, being a knowledge cleric has found some tomes and is conducting the ceremony to re-consecrate the church with the bones of the saint.

Many a grievous wounds have been taken, but mostly they are better…

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 3
Blessed with Fire

I Lord Alfred servant of Amaunator travelling the companions of good have truly proved metal today. It is good to be traveling with a group of the righteous.

The Companions are waiting on Ezmerelda to arrive in the tower. Wolf howls can be heard. The tower is investigated using the Golem powered platform to travel up three floors. Olaf went first, stalwart and brave.

Below the tower a figure could be seen approaching he claimed that his sister was wounded and needs assistance. A woman in need of assistance of course the companions agree to hear the tale. Unfortunately, the whole story has more holes in it than the mysterious letter that arrived this morning from Count Stroud, the reputed Vampire in these parts.

After attempting to lure the companions out it is clear that this is a werewolf. As Balthazar, Olaf form the front rank. The arcane slinging of Fitz, Toliver, vicious words of Deacon and the sacred flame of Amaunator begin to blast the beast as it now runs away. More wolves arrive on the causeway. They broke into a run at the companions.

Needless to write in this missive the massive power of a fireball destroyed most of the pack with the remaining wolves charging up into the waiting magical weapons of Balthazar and Olaf. Using a Radiance of the Dawn I destroyed some more and injured all the other wolves, now clearly identified as werewolves. A hasty Sanctuary spell stopped two beasts from attacking before Balthazar after chopping down two, flanked the remaining beast where my magical staff belted it from behind slaying it. Six wolf bodies transferred into human forms in death. All the bodies were burnt so not to come back to life.

Back to rest in the tower for the remainder of the night.

Using a Message spell, Fitz communicated with Ezmerelda who was busy for the next day or so. It was decided to track the werewolves back to their lair and stop them. Surprisingly the lair cave entrance looks like a gaping maw of a wolf.

Lights are cast in darkness. The companions approach. Two female figures standing on a ledge ahead immediately attack throwing spears, on hitting Balthazar. Olaf and Balthazar charge. Fitz, Toliver, Deacon and I blast a beast slaying one. The remaining, now inhuman wolf form runs off further into the cave towards the left. Fitz using his undead raven causes Balthazar’s sword to become magical.

A whole pack of wolves, and an old man with a staff are seen. Is this another trap, is it another of the mad nature people now aligned with werewolves? With Amaunator blessing I threw another fireball into the midst destroying all the normal wolves and injuring the werewolf and probable werewolf in human form. Toliver blasts the man with his Elditch Blast slaying him. The female werewolf behind was slain by Balthazar and Olaf.

Somehow using his Warlock powers, Toliver has raised a Spectre from the spirit of the old man. This is most unsettling…

The outcome of the rest of the cave will be investigated. But the Spectre goes first, hopefully setting off any surprises for the heroes.

With Amaunator’s blessing I give my Heroic Muse the sign off.

Amaunator, who art in heaven,
hallowed by thy name.
The sun doth shine,
this light is thine,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily powers,
and forgive us our violent outbursts,
as we murder those who lash out against us,
and lead us not into traps,
but deliver unto us treasure.
For thine is the kingdom,
and ours is the power and the glory,
from level to level.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 2
Windmills and Hags

I am most pleased to inform my muse that I Lord Alfred have conducted myself with dignity and poise in a moment of crisis.

The Outside of the windmill was searched to reveal some standing stones and a possible cavern under it. Horrible spiders came running at my companions but were blasted to bits by intensive spell fire from myself, Fitz and Toliver.

A warning was shouted about not going into the cavern. The door to the windmill was knocked on where a old woman opened the door. She looked normal to me, but this whole realm stinks of evil and suitably the paladin hound Balthazar Rockefort screamed fiend and empowered his sword with holy might. The door was slammed. Fitz cast knock on the door as Balthazar opened it and ran inside and up the stairs. Soon followed by Olaf, Toliver & myself.

Upstairs on the Third level of the windmill in cramped conditions, Toliver was frozen stiff from a Hold Person spell as Balthazar and Olaf sprinted past to hack at the now two fiendish crones. Balthazar swung mightily, Olaf not so much. A crone dodged my Sacred Flame. The Crones vanished. Revealing an room with several cages with children locked inside. The children we freed and a search of the windmill occurred. Some Fiendish slime was found and children’s bones used by the crones for making the addictive pies. It appears that the children were traded for pies by their parents. The horror!

The area under the standing stones was searched revealing another of the nature alters. No sacrificial knife was found, just the bowl.. A debate about the merits of burning down the windmill. Toliver thinks it was a bad idea, but the Enemy must be deprived of all actions. The windmill was left ablaze as the heroes left. To meet Ezmerelda at Van Richten’s tower.

On the road the unmistakable shuffle of an undead beast comes into sight. This time it wears the body of a warrior in chain with a sword. Balthazar Rockefort and Olaf rush up to hit it. As Toliver Quartzvein, Fitz the Grand and Deacon St. Ives shoot it. I stand behind Balthazar and sacred flame it. It attacks Olaf who is defended by myself using a warding flare. The beast is destroyed quickly.

At Van Richten’s tower the door is warded, with lightning. It injures, Toliver, Balthazar & Olaf. Olaf then falls off the collapsing scaffolding attempting to climb up. All require first aid from my healers kit. Deacon investigates the wagon parked outside and eventually emerges from under it saying that it is quite trapped and here is a story about monster hunting. It seems that Van Richten and Ezmeralda are linked in tragedy.

Fitz tries to bypass the wards to the door only to watch an abjuration ward dissipate all his magic. Deacon solves the door ward by seeming to dance in front of the door. The door opens into the tower.

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 1
Every Hero Needs a Story

After being trapped in this horrible land where the light of Amunator barely shines I have met some stalwart companions on my travels. They appear to be hard fought and carry many wounds, physical and mental. I hope to allay their fears and provide comfort where I can.

Kraffs Chronicle 10
RIP Kraff

Kraff died in Glorious Combat fighting the Free Forest Folk on top of a hill.


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