Curse of Strahd

Kraffs Chronicle 2

The Haunted House

The house with the monster in it was particularly vexing. Walking through some very strange carvings. Wood is ok but nothing lasts like dwarven carved stone.

Upstairs Kraff led the crew until Kraff woke under the care of Balthazar again. Kraff’s head hurt. But Kraff must have led a mighty victory. The smashed armour beside Kraff is testiment to Kraff’s warrior abilities.

Kraff heard a baby crying and even spotted a secret door. Beside the door more sad human rooms with a figure. Kraff witness something that could only be described by Kraff’s teachers as a Specter. But wisdom teaches many that victory can only be obtained at the right time as the door was closed. Fitz and Tattersail were busy playing with a basket and some rags, but Kraff was not fooled by such a simple ruse by the undead beast.

Up the stairs to the attic led to the room with the sound of Thorn and Rose playing. Opening the door with Kraff’s might door knocking hammer Kraff led Olaf into the room. The bodies of the Thorn and Rose could be seen lying dead on the floor with the window bricked up. A perfect dolls house of the house lies in the corner. Tattersail’s idea of playing hide and seek with with Ghosts was a good idea.

Blackness, Dreams, Mists, What…

Kraff is standing in front of a small coffin. Kraff must have been dreaming again. Kraff must have been tired or taken another knock with glorious victory in Kraff’s grasp. Kraff led the way looking for the monster in the dungeons.

Kraff is feeling more mighty than before. Kraff has more power. Gorm’s might now resides in Kraff.

Kraff has led the way into another empty crypt. Centipedes crawling out the wall at Kraff. With Gorm’s might being called down Kraff has splatted all the Centipedes. Olaf took the time to defend Kraff from being bitten. More tunnels and even undead monsters called Ghouls bursting out of the hallways. Kraff’s Glorious victory was enshrined in legend as one Ghoul was splattered under Kraffs mighty maul.

A chamber with a sacrificial alter was found below a walkway. Ghosts appeared chanting about sacrifice one more something. A pile in a corner seems to hold a mighty monster. Kraff strides over an hits the pile as it errupts as a Multiple limb beast with multiple human parts and eyes that hit Kraff twice. Kraff blacks out in a warriors victorious moment.

A undead raven wakes Kraff up from Kraff’s warrior dreams. Standing up Kraff moves beside Olaf, but again slips on the watery step as the beast is slain and Balthazar emerges gloriously victorious out of it. Glorious Victory! Led by Kraff. Gorm be praised! Kraff casts a healing word on Kraff.



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