Curse of Strahd

Kraffs Chronicle 3

Kraff’s dislike of this house continues.

Kraff popped the body of the unloved baby into Kraff’s backpack and led Kraff’s Cronies towards it’s empty burial chamber, before closing the crypt door. Kraff’s laughs at the face of a such a puny and east to spot pit trap in the face of such a victorious and ever glorious hero.

Kraff passed a chamber with a glowing globe in the hands of and evil villain statue. The statue seemed to have a very high collar at the back. Surely such a collar would stop no blow. Useless. The globe seems to have shadows whirring around it. Kraff sees the danger in touching such an orb.

The door behind came alive when Kraff stopped it’s evil plan to eat a lesser member of Kraff’s party. Kraff’s hand then hammer became stuck to it. Kraff’s received a might blow from it, jogging Kraff’s memories of passed victories. But Kraff’s noble friends did not hesitate to attack it. Once the door, now recognized it as a Mimic was slain Kraff noticed 2 Ghoul like monsters behind it attacking Kraff’s companions.

They Ghouls stink, they must be Ghasts. Horrible undead things. Kraff strode up onto the table between the two and smashed one mightily with Kraff’s Maul. Victory! Kraff has woken up on the bed. Odd. Kraff remembers not how Kraff got here, but it must have been glorious victory. Kraff sees that Tattersail is unconscious and uses Kraff’s holy power of Healing Word to heal Tattersail. Praise Gorm!

For Kraff’s Glorious combat Kraff’s comrades have bestowed a magical cloak as a reward.

A further search of the house upstairs reveals a useless library with a secret door behind it. Tattersail says he returned the house and windmill deed to the chest next to the dead thief. Kraff has befriended a small dog hiding under a chair.

After a thorough search of the house revealed little else. Outside the two children’s ghosts are still waiting. Odd…

Into the town a weeping noise was investigated with Kraff bravely leading the way. An older human female says her daughter has been kidnapped by the vampire lord Stroud. Troubling news indeed. The dog belongs here and is happy.

The Tavern, Blood in the Vine holds a leader of the village who asks for Kraff’s help. Freely given. Kraff follows the fellow to his house attempting to stop two men from fighting over a pie that Tattersail ate. Tattersail lies and tells that he didn’t eat it. What is Kraff? Gormless? Kraff thinks not. Kraff sees the stain of deceit across Tattersail chin.

The village leader Ismark “The Lesser” Kolyanovich‘s house has been attacked by undead and wolves, who according to him defended themselves from the vampire’s minions. A beautiful human girl needs to be escorted out of the house to safety. Balthazar Rockefort agrees so fast he must have been under a spell. But first the dead previous burger must be taken to the church to be buried.

Kraff is feeling more powerful again. Perhaps with Gorm’s favour Kraff will be mighty indeed.

OLAF and Kraff carry the coffin between them to the church. Inside a scream can be heard. Kraff using Kraff’s new power casts Aid on Kraff, OLAF and Balthazar Rockefort.



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