Curse of Strahd

Kraffs Chronicle 4

Count Von Stroud

Kraff has assisted OLAF in digging a diggy diggy hole for the body of the former Burgomaster of the town. Kraff’s sleep was disturbed by the constant wailing of the undead son of the priest. Dreams come in the night.

Kraff thought that slaying the undead son who apparently is an undead thing called a vampire spawn. But Kraff realizes the folly as it is currently imprisoned and not a danger the people of the town.

Kraff helps carry the coffin outside for the dawn burial. Kraff thinks a funeral pyre is a better option in this gloomy place. As the priest uttered his useless words to a minor deity a mist began to roll in. Flapping bats could be seen and heard and the unmistakable sounds of wolf howls.

Kraff notices that the party is surrounded by wolves. A figure in a melodramatic cloak is seen standing on top of a crypt with silly black cape billowing in the no wind. He introduces himself as Strahd (vampire lord of the land) and begins to ask Ireena to come to him. Kraff using the power of Gorm casts Protection from Evil to help protect Ireena, but only realizes now that she is already under the sway of Stroud.

The wolves attack. Tattersail is bitten but slays one in return. OLAF, Balthazar Rockefort & Toliver Quartzvein slay wolves. Kraff is bitten, but manages to swing gloriously into the flank of the beast. Fitz the Grand has vanished and replaced by a barrel again.

Stroud says magical words and mutters stuff. Ireena dodges multiple groping fingers, but falls asleep at the command of Fitz the Grand. Balthazar Rockefort raises his holy symbol inciting Stroud to flee. Tattersail grapples with the sleeping woman. But she was not wanting tea? Odd humans. Wolves are slain, but Kraff with a glorious victory smashes the head of a wolf so hard that it’s legs split apart as it’s head is buried in the mud, quite squished.

Stroud has vanished. The mists seem to swallow him up. A thumping from inside the coffin means that the body of the Burgomaster has come alive again. Fitz following the victorious advice of Kraff burns the coffin and body into ash with repeated Firebolts.

Victory Kraff has defeated the enemies and is vanquisher of evil indeed. Supplies are purchased in the town to travel to somewhere else. Kraff is not interested in minor details, only victory. A crossroads had a gallows with an appearance of Kraff on it. It vanishes into a puff of mist as Kraff prods it.

Kraff and the party pass through some more giant gates that swing open and arrive and a Vistani’s Camp. Madam Eva read some cards and it shows that a holy symbol and Sword of the Sun will help defeat stroud. Kraff was looking at the river distracted by the pretty sparkling lights and missed what else was said. Kraff and the companions sleep round the fire telling tall tails towards the Vistani who are known to be Stroud’s spies.

Travelling down the road Kraff sees a congress of ravens that Fitz the Grand talks to. Kraff doesn’t understand bird speak. Further down the path crossing a high bridge a walking Scarecrow suddenly attacks. The party react, but seeing their weapons seem to bounce off it Kraff casts Magic Weapon on Kraff’s Maul and walks behind it to smash it to pieces with one might strike the like that has been rarely.
seen. GLORIOUS VICTORY is Kraff’s.

Kraff carries on walking with Kraff’s companions until we get to some town’s gates with pikes with impaled wolf heads. Balthazar Rockefort very much desires a pike.



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