Curse of Strahd

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 8

Boom Puff go the undead

It is with great honour and privilege that I Lord Alfred write into my journal with joyful abandon about the demise of the foul and evil undead that inhabit this tomb.

A passageway led my companions and myself into a large chamber where dirt boxes were indeed stacked about the room. I had preciously encountered such beasts in the village of Valaki and expected what came next. 6 vampires burst out of the boxes but were met by my stedfast companions.

I revealed the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind to produce a large area of sunlight. The beasts were almost helpless in the power of the sun. Likewise as they attempted to get closer to the bearer of the symbol my Sanctuary spell deflected any beasts attacking me. As the undead beasts began to smoke in the presence of the sunlight my companions laid forth hacking at the beasts. My Hand of Radiance destroyed two of the beasts. Stakes made from the boxes where they burst from destroyed the beasts permanently.

Dark gifts from the sarcophagus were offered, but no one wished be become a vampire or Lich.

An upstairs library was discovered, but before Fitz could go crazy the confused lich wondered in. Thanks to fast talking it even agreed to share some it’s spells with Fitz. We left the beast standing slightly confused in the middle of the library.

Further rooms were investigated finding nothing of interest, except a villainous looking individual call Villainous was discovered in a lecture room. Subsequently an Amber Stone Golem was destroyed in quick time as it could not stop the vast damage it was taking from the number of fighters who had quickly surrounded it. I have applied more bandages to Balthazar.

Behind the Golem’s room a stair case led to the chambers where Ghasts attacked out of the small room. Olaf bravely strode in to absorb the attacks before the rest of Galant Heroes strode in to destroy the beasts with Axe and Sword. My Radiance Blast injured the beasts. Thanks to the find smelling Paladin the stink of the undead ghasts failed to affect anyone.

Amanauntor be praised we were victorious again.



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