Curse of Strahd

Lord Alfred Heroic Muse 9

We have lit the beacon

It is with joy that I Lord Alfred announce that again good has some triumph over evil.

The remaining tomb was searched, finding the lich’s phylactery, but was decided that it was not worth destroying it as the lich continues to be in a state of confusion. Outside the entrance to the Amber temple Lord Stroud stopped by on a winged nightmere with three other vampires in tow. He threw a head onto the ground in front of the group. Ezmerelda d’Avenir has reacted badly as it was the head of Van Richten, her adopted father. He had snuck into the castle and attacked Stroud, to his doom.

This was a test of bravery as the odds were never in our favour. The temptation of dying ungloriously in the mountains was passed up. Everyone was civil, but blunt towards the undead fiend. He then flew off with the other vampires in tow.

Travelling though Tsolenka pass across the bridge between the towers a huge Rock flew in. Unfortunately, it carried away Ezmerelda who had escaped the claws and was hanging on desperately to it’s claws. My scorching blast barely hurt the creature as it flew off. Calling that we would meet later we headed towards the sunken village of Berez.

A revenant was met on the way and destroyed by a firebolt from Fitz. Balthazar had frozen with terror, but had recovered with my Lesser Restoration. At the village the Huge skull of the dragon was recovered and placed on a Tensors Floating Disk. Whereby dragged by Fitz is was taken to the Mausoleum in the tower of Argyvostholt. Fitting the skull into the doorframe was no small feat. However, the resulting beacon did improve the soul and make won’s thoughts just a little brighter.

Upstairs in the Revenant chamber the beast was finally laid to rest with a magical great sword and half plate armour that were claimed by the warriors. Fitz recieved a message from Ezmerelda and it was decided to meet her at the Vineyard. After resting several days she returned andI had finally read the Tome of Understanding to gather more mysteries.

A plan was hatched to finally raid the Castle Ravenloft on the rocky spire above the town. The draw bridge was up, but Fitz transformed into a wraith like creature and flew over opening the gate for the Heroes and a swarm of peasants to flow in.

At the side, Olaf opened a gate and doors were broken in leading inside the castle, upstairs to a chamber where a secret door was hidden behind a mirror and a huge spiral staircase led up to the heart of the tower. Fitz claimed that this was mentioned in the notes of Stroud’s tome, but as we climbed the whole tower began to shake.

Cohen sprinted off up the stairs and Ezmerelda has fallen off. Fitz, Toliver and Ezmerelda have blasted the pulsing red crystal at the top. I can hear the sounds of battle rage up ahead, but the tower is shaking so much caution is important…

Day ends…



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