Curse of Strahd

Tattersail's Journal

Day 1

I visited the Yawning Portal this evening to catch up with a few friends and discuss some plans for the coming summer. Some old guy split Olaf’s drinks and offered to buy us a round of drinks to say thanks. While there he told us a story, of a lost Prince being stabbed in the side and some other stuff, but I’ve forgotten most of it. A lot happened after that.

As he was getting near the end of the story, a ruckus began on the other side of the tavern. A bar fight! It looked like Yagra had gotten into a row with some of the Zhentarim thieves. My comrades, raced off to break up the fight, while I sidled up to the bar. Durnan would sort it out pretty quick…..which he did. Entertaining fight though, grease spell cast, people slipping over. Funny as.

After the Zhentarim were turfed out, a troll and some stirges emerged from the pit. Lots of shouting as people tried to get out of the way. My comrades all leaped to engage the troll, which left Kraff unconscious on the floor immediately. I pulled out a torch from my bag and set it alight, before getting in behind the troll. Once it fell to the ground I shoved the burning torch on it. The stench of burning troll fat is quite disgusting I must say.
After the troll was thrown back into the pit, the old man and his daughter, asked us to find a friend of his that had gone missing. Right up my alley, being a bounty hunter and all. We had a last round of drinks and headed out into the cold night. There was thick fog all around, but had a feeling we were being watched and sure enough, we were ambushed by some thugs.

Kraff lept into the fray and was quickly unconscious. I thought dwarves were known for the constitution and iron jaws, but so this dwarf has a glass jaw. Anyways, the street turned into a bloody brawl. The old man at the Portal’s daughter stabbed a thug in the back and told us to follow her. So killing the thug on me, I did as she asked and we ran off into the fog and arrived somewhere……else.

We were in a forest. It was pretty eerie. Not to mention the skeletal horse and rider coming down the road who dropped a book that Fitz, the Small…Magnificent…Almighty. I dunno what it was some title he gives himself, picked up.

We started walking down the road where the nose of Kraff picked up the scent of death. Upon investigating we found the corpse of a man just off the road. He had been mauled by creatures of some kind. He had a note crumpled in his hand from the Burgomeister of Borovia which told the sad story of his daughter becoming a vampire! And asking people to not visit the town as they would all be dead by now.

It was at that point we had to clamber some nearby trees when a pack of wolves came sniffing around. I swear, the biggest wolf had human eyes, not the eyes of an animal. After they left we decided to continue on our way. We walked for hours, even rested over night before arriving on the outskirts of a town.

Just a wee way into town we heard sobbing and found two small children hiding in the street. We found out that a monster that their parents kept in the basement (who keeps a freaking monster in the basement) had escaped and was terrorising their parents and baby brother. We offered to help and entered the house.

So far it’s been deadly silent. I would expect with a monster rampaging around there would be screaming and growling but nothing. We climbed up to the 3rd floor to check the baby brother’s room and found nothing but ornate paintings and suit of armour that attacked us. (Kraff got knocked out again, haha – Glass Jaw Kraff).



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