Curse of Strahd

Tattersail's Journal Pt 2

Into the Depths

We heard the cry of a baby coming from the east side of the building and while by the door, I found a secret passage leading to some stairs going up and another secret door on the opposite wall – a bedroom.

We found a ghostly/wraith like figure cradling….nothing. It was creepy, but nothing was in the crib.

We looked in another room, but like most of this house looks unlived in for years. We headed up the secret stairs to an attic where we found the skeletal remains of the children from the street. The door had been padlocked from the outside and the window bricked up. Someone left these kids to die!

Inside the room was a dollhouse which was an accurate copy of the house we are in showing a few secret rooms. The room also housed the ghosts of the two children who wanted to play. We offered to play hide and seek and asked them to hide and they turned invisible! When we went to leave, both Olaf and Kraff began acting a bit weirder than normal – Olaf became quite forceful, while Kraff cried like a little baby all the time.

Olaf took charge and led us to a secret staircase heading down to the basement, but the room we entered had a trunk that was ajar and I couldn’t help myself but look in – a bloody sheet and a skeleton. As I look a ghostly hand grabbed my wrist and the Nanny from below came through the trunk and all hell broke loose. Next thing I remember is waking up on the floor in a different room, sore and a little chilly.

Olaf dragged us back to the hidden spiral staircase and down into the depths below the house. Thankfully Fitz cast a light spell otherwise, I wasn’t seeing much in the darkness below. Once we got down there we could hear chanting from somewhere further in. We encountered a few ghouls which we made short work of, and relieved few chests of the valuables including a silvered shortsword which I claimed as my own.

We found a family crypt with the names of the children engraved on them and made the decision to return to the attic to set them to rest. Once down, Olaf and Kraff changed back to their old selves – possessed!

On wandering this basement, I had an intense feeling of déjà vu, like I had been here before. But this is impossible. I have never been in a town nor building so creepy and deserted like this.

We travelled down another set of stairs to an altar room where apparitions appeared demanding a sacrifice. This set us all on edge, until Kraff smacked a breathing mound of detritus in an alcove which promptly ate him whole and the apparitions disappeared. We leapt to attack with spells, swords and hammers. I ducked in and out, stabbing with my blades, while Balthazar was also devoured whole by this creature. Kraff was spat out at this point, unsurprisingly unconscious.

Eventually the creature was slain and Balthazar emerged holding the dead body of a baby – Walter. It was the heart of this creature.

What evil has befouled this damned place!



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